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PB8-M Starlight Design 5200mAh Universal Dual Outputs USB Power Bank

Battery Capacity: 5200 mAh
Input Voltage/Current: 5V / 1A
Output 1 Voltage/Current: 5V / 1A
Output 2 Voltage/Current: 5V / 2.1 A
Conversion Rate: 85-90%
Life Circle: 500 times
Full Charge Time: 7 hours
Dimensions: 85x85x26mm(LxWxH)
  • 1. Unique and intelligent power display: + means being charged, - means being discharged

    2. 4 LED lights indicate the remaining battery capacity and the charging status

    3. Integrated microchip to prevent over charge,over discharge,over load and short circuit

    4. High performance of lithium polymer battery

    5. Automatically power on and off

    6. Dual power output

  • Charging Cable

    Instruction Manual

  • Customizing Package

  • Silk Printing

    Full Color Print

    Customizing Pantone Color

    Customizing Color of LED lights