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Our Values
Every member in New Century Technology Limited works not only for themselves but also they work to create more values for clients. We aim to make products in good quality and with innovation.We ask ourselves to be sincere with clients, offering best services and support for a best win-win situation. We also take our responsibilities as a company that we contribute to our community and modern people's daily life. Those are our values and we're encouraged to look for cooperation with partners.
Our Spirits
Fight You fight you get a chance to win; If you don't fight, you already lose.
Dream Without dreams, are you any different from a salted fish?
Passion Passion is rush of blood, it keeps you alive.
Optimism Optimism is an attitude helps you go through downs before you reach up.
Solidarity A single tree can be easily broken but a forest is hardly to be destroyed.
Execution A fast cat without action catches no rats.
Perseverance Nothing is impossible to a willing heart.

Our Hopes

To be most excellent maker of promotional electronic gifts; To be best service provider of e-Business. Basically, we're involved in 3 main branches : consumer electronics, promotional business and e- Business.

Our Missions

Our mission is making modern electronic products and top class service in supporting business.
- Design and make trend leading electronic products.
- Cooperate with partners to help other brands spread and grow big and famous.
- Help online business grow by giving them support in every possible aspect.