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Smart Electronic Toothbrush

Time: 2017-02-07    Posted by: New Century Technology Co, Ltd.

New Century Technology Ltd., now launch a new product-----Smart Electronic Toothbrush,help to solve the oral cavity problem with ease.

Brush with the united states food grad ExxonMobil materials,safety and environment,you can trustingly to use.There are offer two kind of standard brush:

professional edition:The brush use camber surface design, tooth contact area is increased by 28%,and it can more carefully clean teeth
Comfortable edition:Choose two different specifications of the soft brush, gently clean teeth, give oral healthy

Using the sonic vibration technology,31000 vibrations/min with big vibration amplitude.toothbrushes lasts up to 100 days, IPX7 waterproof, let your life more convenient.

Five Modes:

Clean Mode:2minutes deep clean

Refresh Mode: Rinse mouth and Clean the tooth

Whitening Mode: Bright white tooth

Gums Care Mode: Massage gums

Sensitive Mode:The intensity of toothbrush vibration decreases, clean the gums and tooth softly

Smart Electronic Toothbrush from New Century Technology,.Ltd. , which is easily to use and convenient for people.

Would like to have a try in your state?come on!

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